“That’s well said, but we need to work on our fields” Candide, Voltaire, 1759.

Every day begins with a fantastic breakfast. Hôtel La Pérouse serves breakfast between 6 a.m. and 12 a.m., in the breakfast room or in your bedroom (no additional charge). Breakfast is also served to outside guests who wish to discover our products of exception.

Our aim is to provide you with the most refined productions of our territory: Coteaux Nantais for your organic fruit juices, Fromagerie Beillevaire (distinguished producer for over 30 years) for your milk, butter and yoghurts, and our artisan baker for all your cakes, breads and other home made viennoiseries.
All our muesli is organic, as well as our fresh fruit.

We have also started working with the “Saveurs DétonNantes” label, first certification label for Nantes craftsmen who encourage a Nantes-based production through the use of local products, thus bringing together the players of Nantes tradition. At breakfast, you will enjoy:
– Choc-Hola hot chocolate, containing no preservatives, no fat or additives, prepared with non-refined sugar.
– Food Cru muesli: the cereals, fruit and flowers’ nutritional qualities are preserved through the dehydration process, without cooking. Perfect with yoghurt and fruit compote.
– Teas and coffees produced by “Un grain de feuille”, artisan roaster guaranteed ORGANIC. Teas and herbal teas developed with a beverage flavourist from Nantes, also guaranteed ORGANIC.
– Compotes and jams “Les Cueillettes d’Annette”, whose fruits are, for the most part, hand picked and prepared with organic blond cane sugar that retains the fruits’ flavours. (“Nature et Progrès” certification label).

We also offer a range of gluten-free products: some of the Food Cru cereals, chia seed pudding, dried fruit mixture, plant milks…