La Hab Galerie

Located at the western tip of the island of Nantes, Hangar 21 is better known to the population under the name of Hangar à Bananes, a nickname that it takes from its history: specially designed in 1949-50 to receive early vegetables, bananas and pineapples from Africa unloaded, handled and stored in an air-conditioned shed. In 2007, property of the autonomous port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, it was rehabilitated on the occasion of the first edition of the biennial event Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire. Next to the bar and restaurant areas, a space remains voluntarily dedicated to exhibitions. In the years that followed, it hosted art exhibitions as well as thematic exhibitions or events. In 2011, it was with the creation of the SPL Le Voyage à Nantes, which aims to promote the Nantes metropolis destination through cultural development, that this place became a permanent place dedicated to contemporary art: the HAB Galerie.

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Address21 quai des Antilles, Nantes, 44200, France
Phone02 28 08 77 28